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Easy Peasy Dinners: Creamy Garlic Butter Chicken

I made this tonight and it was really “Nummy!”, as my Liam would say… and it only took my 10 minutes to throw it all together!

Here’s what you’ll need: 

4 chicken breasts or thighs
veggie (of your choice – I chose fresh green beans)
petite red potatoes
Campbell’s Oven Sauces: Creamy Garlic Butter Chicken – these sauces are amazing, and make dinner really simple and yummy. You’ll seriously make your family happy with it, and you will be happy because dinner only took you 10 minutes to whip together.




Chop the potatoes, snap those green beans,  and throw them all in a casserole dish together, like so:


Open the Campbell’s pouch and pour the sauce on the entire dish. Bake at 400* for 45 minutes, and BAM! … dinner is served!

We ate every last bite.
(this meal fed 3 toddlers and 3 adults)

Halloween and Thanksgiving Crafts and Family Fun!

Happy Fall Y’all!

Have you checked out our pinterest page?! I was going to write a post about fall crafts, but there are soo many already on our pinterest boards that we thought we would just provide you with the links, and you can pick and choose what you would like to do this year with your family!

Fall Crafts

Thanksgiving Ideas

What are you doing for halloween? My church is having an outreach this year. We’re giving away bags of candy, with glow sticks inside (which you can get from the dollar store) and cards to hand to parents to come out to church this coming weekend and get a free coffee from our coffee shop while they’re there. A treat for the kids, a treat for the parents! It’s going to be perfect. Then while your kids are trick or treating there’s also a card to say “thanks for the candy you gave us! come out to church … free coffee on us”

So you can make bags of candy and put the glow sticks inside and there you have your Halloween outreach! Some people are having neighborhood block parties and handing their bags of candy out as favors… the ideas are endless.

Click here if you’re interested to get more information.

Have a happy, fun, and safe week with your families!


The Importance of Being (somewhat) Organized…

Here are some ideas of how to be organized from a mom Bible study I attended a few weeks ago. It was about the importance about being organized as a mom, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you~ !




Ask the Lord for wisdom for the next day, every night, before you go to bed! 


1. Make emergency slow cooker meals and put them in the freezer.

2. Snacks in the bottom of the fridge for your kids to grab on their own!

3. Make a family calendar every year with your family pictures… to keep and remember memories from the year before.

4. When we plan to have time to make memories we aren’t just surviving during those times.


– We need margins in our lives! Fight for them.

– Time goes by fast!! DREAM! Dream for your marriage and kids.

– Don’t miss the miracle (your kids) in the midst of the moment.

– I know the Miracle Maker! He will give you the strength for everything.

– God doesn’t see the mess or the mistakes, He sees the miracle. He sees the end result.

– Our children are the only treasures we can take to heaven.


If you live in the South Florida area you should come out to Inspire for Moms! We meet once a month. There’s free child care, and it’s just a fun time of mom encouraging one another.


What To Do While Waiting at the Doctor’s Office

Who likes waiting an hour or so for their child’s pediatrician?! Liam doesn’t:


I must admit that it’s really difficult to keep a little one sitting still or entertained at a place where there’s nothing to do. But, I remind myself that the pediatrician will stay with me and answer all of my questions for as long as I need her to. So, I don’t get too upset about having to wait.

I’ve come up with a few go-to’s while waiting at the doctors!

1. Bring Snacks!

2. Books & Small Toys



3. Bring a few crayons for them to color all over that paper cover on the table they sit on!


4. When all else fails…. I guess the iPhone of videos and music will help pass the time too!

What do you do while you wait with your kids for their pediatrician?! Tell us by commenting below.

Easy Peasy Dinners – Beef Stew Edition

Here’s what you will need for the easiest dinner you have ever made! Preparation time: 10 minutes!

– beef stew meet
– Campbell’s Slow Cooker sauce !! (these are amazing there are a bunch of different kinds, too!)
– pre-diced onion / celery / carrots
– whole grain brown rice




Put meat, slow cooker sauce, and chopped veggies in the crock pot. I put it on high for 4 hours, but you could do low for 8 hours. Cook rice a little before dinner, and BAM… dinner is served! My kids love it too!!


Enjoy. 🙂


Eczema Troubles


This is my daughter Lily! Isn’t she cute?! 🙂
She suffers from extreme eczema on her legs and arms. (this picture is her eczema on a really good day!)


It started getting really bad this summer… to the point where it would be keeping her up at night because she is soo itchy. It was heartbreaking and really frustrating for me, because I tried everything … I mean EVERYTHING to help her.

Finally, we went back to the doctor and told her, I realized that it’s something from outside. She is allergic to the grass or something outside in the air in South Florida.

She wrote her a prescription for a cream. FINALLY! I was really excited to be able to give her something that would hopefully work. So I went to the pharmacy the next day, and the cost for the cream (with insurance) was $175!!!!!!!! I had to say, “no thank you.”

So, I figured out what was in this cream that was a prescription. Hydrocortisone and an organic oil (to moisturize)…. So, this is what I have been using for the last week, and it’s been working!



I put the hydrocortisone on first, and then the oil on top after bath time, and put some socks over her feet and little pj pants to lock in the moisture.

Please note, I’m not a doctor… so please consult your doctor before you try this method. You have to use hydrocortisone sparingly on your skin. I love finding an all natural solution to problems, so the organic coconut oil is awesome, and will continue to use it daily.

I also started giving Lily, kids Claritin in the mornings and that has also helped with her outdoor allergy! Then if the itching is really bad… baby benadryl helps give her some relief at night.


Do any of your kids suffer with eczema? What do you do or use to offer them relief?